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25 march 2020

"Long Ago"

I used to dream about you, now those are days gone by...
I learned too well the hard way, how you could make me cry,
I can't explain why I'm drawn to you, because I don't even know...
Maybe in another life, I loved you long ago,
When I'd look into your eyes, it'd take my breath away...
And words did not come easy, for things I wished to say,
I'd gaze upon your beauty, and the world would disappear...
While life goes on around me, it's only you, I'd hear,
I wanted just to love you, the only way I know...
Like a dream the haunts me every night, from a life of long ago,
I thought I knew what love is, but I've never felt such pain...
Tear my heart out of my chest, then do it all again,
I know that you will never care, I know that I'm alone...
I know that you will break my heart because your's is made of stone,
And though the storm is coming, I still want to try...
Because it's easier to say "I love you"... then it is to say "goodbye".

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