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27 august 2019


There's a "monsoon" pouring down... in my heart and in my head...
And I can't stop the rain... from things that have been said,
The torent that is rushing by... is washing me away...
And the years keep coming faster... leaving only yesterday,
Dreams I used to carry... have turned to nothing more...
Then vessels on the water... never reaching any shore,
The winds of time are blowing strong... but have yet to lift my sails...
And nothing that I've done in life... have ever tipped the scales,
It's like I'm here, but I'm not... and nothing that I do...
Will change a single thing... or make me visible to you,
Sometimes when I think I'm right... everything is wrong...
The years are passing way too fast... but nights are still too long,
If I've learned anything... it's that life's not what you think...
And when it's good... hold on tight... for it passes in a blink,
So let the rains fall down upon me... let it wash all over me...
Let my tears fill the rivers ... that are heading out to sea,
Let the tides rise up and wash away, all the pain and tears we've cried...
So that love may have a chance again, where once it was denied.

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