25 june 2012

Six Important Letters…

To my love, who inspires my dreams,
and my children with faces that gleam.
You share with God, dwellings of my soul
for without you, life wouldn’t be whole.
To my brothers, the crazy three,
babies to me you’ll always be.
No matter how far we shall part,
know always you reside in my heart.
To grandparents, raising me as their own,
made sure I felt like I was home.
All the others that gave a helping hand,
thanks for the foundation to stand.
To my parents, now far apart,
remember, passion gave my journey a start.
Hold on to it, let yourself love,
a little wisdom sent from above.
To all the others, to many to name,
who’ve gone, changed, or remained.
No surprise here, you should know,
you too have helped me love and grow.
To myself, the lucky one,
cherish your loved ones before their gone.
Hold them close, never let them go,
life’s over before you know.
S.A.B. 2010

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