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23 february 2012

13 february 2012, monday ( Heat )

The cliche bar hookup never had appealed to me but tonight I needed something to distract me. Every time I closed my eyes I saw my bedsheets tangled in her legs then her legs tangled with his. Saw their faces glowing in shared ecstasy as they reached their peaks in unison, the single worse moment to catch your lover cheating. Not just in the act but at the height of their absolute betrayal.
    I shook my deep chestnut hair in front of my face to compose myself a brief moment. One deep breath and shot of tequila later and I was as good as new. I put on my best saucy grin and eyed the potential bed-play. Gathering my dark, silky curls in my hands then letting it spill back down my back.   
     Tonight I'll be carefree. I let my intentions display in my smokey hazel eyes. The thought of what I was potentially going to do tonight already heightening my awareness, making my skin sensitive and slightly flushed. My posture turn instantly suggestive to any paying attention. I was like an animal in heat sending signals out that almost every man within looking distance received and in return they sent me steamy looks of approval and admiration.
    But none of these men were what I was looking for. Not that I knew exactly what I was looking for, instinct said that I'd know when I found it. Heat on my back made me aware that someone was standing behind me. I tensed slightly, suddenly
feeling a little foolish for being so blatant but quickly let that go.
Tonight I was going to be relaxed and aloof. I was going to be sexy and free with an 'I don't give a fuck' attitude. I'd be in control.   
   With my insecurities in check I turned around, nonchalantly of course, to see if this person was of any interest to me. Before I could turn fully around, however, a hand on my shoulder stopped my progress. I relaxed into the hold not caring anymore if this person was interesting- they were bold and right now that was attractive. My skin tingled were he touched my left shoulder and that tingle turned into something else as his touch slowly caressed until it stopped on my upper arm. Long lean fingers gripped gently but firm, again, I relaxed myself into the hold. Conveying that I would stay put and that I couldn't care less that he was touching me, though I had no idea who he was.
    I took my time arching my neck back to get a better look at this mystery man, the angle was no doubt giving him a wonderful view of nicely displayed cleavage. A low sound that was suspiciously like a growl  vibrated my skull as it came into contact with a thick mass of chest. All toned muscle from the feel of it. 
    His other hand came down to rest on the right swell of my hip. As I looked up I caught his eyes, which were a decidedly clouded silver blue, if such a color existed. Looking into them made liquid heat travel low in my belly. Just seeing the dark promises allured me enough to know that my instincts were right- This was what I was looking for.
    It took a lot more will then I wanted to admit to take my gaze off of his eyes, I let my head tilt forward so that I wasn't looking at him at all, wondering if he'd say anything. I saw his want in those depths and it excited me. I knew, without a doubt, where this was leading.
    I felt his breath feather across my neck as he spoke, his mouth but a hairsbreadth away.  
   "I didn't startle you, did I?" He said it as if daring me. His deep
rasp was like thick honey, so deep it nearly rumbled with a slight
English accent that nearly made my giggle with girlhood fantasies. I bit my lip to stop myself from doing something that idiotic and turned just as slowly as I arched my neck before. He never let his hold go, merely loosened it so that I moved within his hands, the one at my hip grazing bare skin at the small of my back then back onto fabric as it settled to my other swell. The subtle touch hitching my breath just as it was taken away again. The hand holding my bare arm warmed me to the bone, making that liquid heat start to stir.
    How those simple touches got me so hot, I have no idea but it was working better then I thought was possible. Maybe because he was a stranger or maybe because my body understood there was something about this man that would bring me insurmountable pleasure that my previous lover could not.
    "No, you didn't recognize me, did you?" Was that my voice that sounded so breathy? I positioned myself so that he stood between my legs with out actually touching him. Looking at him now full on I could see his thick hair straight and styled short but loose. One may call it shaggy but with out all the length, just barely enough to get your fingers tangled in. It was a brown so dark it was almost black. Everything about this
man screamed indulgences- chocolate hair, rich whiskey and smoke voice- I was almost starting to get impatient to see what other delectables I could uncover about him but the game we were unofficially playing was something of a slow seduction of power.
    He quirked his sensuous lips, oh god those lips, into a smirk. They were full but not in a feminine way, the planes of his face sculpted to be purely masculine complemented them completely. He was like a work of art and if the way
his shirt and jeans hugged his body was any indication it was probably safe to say that the rest of him would be as well. Sun-kissed skin smooth and lightly lined with laughter making me think he was in his late twenties or early thirties.
    "Should I have?" Hearing him talk snapped my attention back to his stunning eyes. Eyes that just so happened to be roaming all over my body, they might as well have been hands because I could feel it. His gaze making each place it touched burn hotter for him. I shifted in a way that flaunted my figure and scooted me closer to him while still sitting on my stool.
      He removed his hands and I nearly cried at the loss, instead I stood. I closed the distance between us, molding my body to his, both of our armsby our sides. Our breath mingled with our close proximity and his scent flooded me. All man, sweat, and desire. It was burning between us and it seemed we didn't need words of acknowledgment, we knew what we were in for.
    "Doesn't matter, follow me." I didn't want this chance
wasted and I didn't want to kill the mood with small talk and useless banter. What a shame it would be to find this mystery sex god then engage in a conversation that was a complete disaster. I wanted action. Now. I could hear his resonant laughter behind me over the sounds of the bar as I made my way to the exit. It sent chills up my spine. I felt my own bubble under the surface but remained silent, though I couldn't help but allow myself a smile of triumph. I didn't bother to look back because I knew he'd do as I'd ask. I was in control.
    Once outside he grabbed both my wrists and held them with one hand, pinning them down to my back. Maybe not as in control as I thought, but it was thrilling, the back and forth, both the conqueror and the conquered. Damn, we haven't even done anything yet and already I was panting with eyes half lidded.
    He steered me off to the side of the building.
I was so not going to have sex in an ally (that's why I rented a room for the night just down the street) but he spun me around and it was like we collided with the force of waves crashing into rocks. I don't know who kissed who first and I didn't really care either.
    I felt his mouth glide over mine and I could taste his spice even before our tongues met. The rough brick on my back kept me in place while he explored me with his hands, scalding me with their urgency. I started my own explorations consumed in the pleasure he created with his kiss but was still aware of the way his hard body felt pressed against all my female curves. Our bodies fell into a rhythm, rolling and rubbing, pushing for a way to get closer. My fingers lost themselves in his hair to pull him closer with one hand and the other feeling all the different muscles in his back trying to touch as much skin as I could. I wanted him in me, to feel all that brawn work as it pumped into me. I moaned from somewhere deep in my throat and he answered with a ragged one of his own both of us eating it in our kiss as it grew fevered. He gripped my hips and ground himself harder against me, the firmness I felt in his jeans suggesting he was more then ready to move this along and pretty it was impressive at that.
    He surprised me when he backed off enough to ask, "Name? What's your name?". We were both gasping for breath but those words seemed to make our cloud of urgency fade, but only a little bit. I could see his control slip back into place.
   Smiling, he leaned in and kissed me delicately on the pulse at my neck.   
"Or, are we keeping this anonymous?" he licked the length of my neck to my collarbone. The gentleness his hands seemed to cradle me at total odds with the fierce passion that just gripped us a moment before. He squeezed my breasts together and pressed open mouth kisses down the ridge. His thumb easily finding my nipples threw the fabrics and circled each in opposing strokes. It was exquisite and I arched them into his palms. Each rotation was sending waves of heat straight to my already damp sex. While I was distracted I almost didn't notice he had moved slightly away. My hips were searching for his but only touched air. I groaned needing the pressure.
    I used the wall to push off and turn him so our positions were switched. He looked so sexy sprawled out and ready to be used. His eyes widened slightly at this new development but I saw approval and that wild heat, too. I guess he took that as my
    Placing my hands on either side of his head and started
nibbling his lush lower lip. He started to cup my ass but I slammed both his wrists back into the brick. He hissed but didn't protest and a glint of something dangerous shone in his eyes. With my message clear I went back to his lips but now let my hands drift across his chest. On the path down I could feel his muscles twitch and jump in excitement. I was exciting myself, weather it was his perfect physique or the power trip I wasn't sure.             
    I kissed down his neck and trailed a finger down his length. I felt it pulse and strain against his jeans. I loved the way his breathing grew even more harsh from my attentions. I palmed it and he thrust into me, much like I did with my breasts.
    I stepped a few paces back and crooked my finger.
"Didn't I say to follow me?" I flipped my hair and continued down the block, again not looking back. I felt his presence beside me a few seconds later and this time I was the one who laughed. Just being this close was distracting and I nearly walked past the entrance. The silence that spread between us was filled with determination, an agreement to wait until we got to our destination. the way to my room was a blur because the only thing I could focus on was his smell: smoke, leather,
spice, cloves, sweat that was slightly sweet, and just pure maleness.   
    With the door shut behind us I expected another animal attack of each other that happened in the ally but was instead assaulted with a cool control. We faced off each stepping out of our shoes first, then he circled stopping once he was behind. Taking his hands he placed them under my shirt and glided ever so slowly up. Inch by inch uncovering me, making me quiver ever so slightly where his fingers grazed my skin. I lifted my arms in time with his efforts. Once off and my hair was pushed to the side he kissed and nipped the nape of my neck and down each vertebra. I wasn't sure if he actually unhooked my bra with his teeth or just gave the illusion but that was swiftly forgotten once he placed his hands on my bare breasts.

Part 2 Coming soon.

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