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19 august 2019

A Special Kinda Love

I have fallen in love with myself, 
In love with the entirety of everything that speaks me.
It has been one long way to get here, 
But every step,
every scar has got me here.

I have fallen in love with myself, 
With what I am now and what I aspire to be.
Writing vows to myself on how I promise to treat me,
For better for worse, ‘I do' with my inner being.

In our younger years,
most of us aren't taught fully, 
The most important lesson of all in the school of life.
To love ourselves first deeply and unconditionally, 
To believe in ourselves before others believe in us, 
To fall in love with all that we are and the greatness we could be.

Yes, I have fallen in love with myself today, 
And this is just the beginning of a great love, 
The kind that survives all odds and inspires, 
The one that has meaning and immense depth.

I have fallen in love with taking care of me inside and out,
Investing in the health of my mind, body and soul.
Radiating so much love within that overflows on the outside, 
Oh, this kind of love has got me speechless.

It may have taken so long, but I am finally here,
The journey was long but worth every tear.
Everything that makes me ‘me' is precious,
Damn, I have fallen in love with my very core.

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