12 march 2012

12 march 2012, monday ( You know Me )


You're omniscient.. 

No doubt You know what I'm going through and what I've been through.. 

You know when I'm in pain.. scared.. in sorrow.. and all the negative feelings that associates with it when I feel downhearted..

You know when I'm happy.. alive.. inspired.. and all the positive feelings that associates with it when I feel delighted..

And today..

You know I'm frightened, hopeless and broken..

Frightened that I might not pass tomorrow's challenges.. afraid that I may not find what I'm looking for.. broken that I'm still alone..

Embrace me Lord.. and show me Your unfailing Love..
Strengthen me Lord.. and teach me Your ways..
Hold me Lord.. and never let me go..

For In You I find peace.. loved.. and hope..
be my lighthouse.. heal my heart..
and never leave me.. ever..

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