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5 july 2012

Keith Haring

If you see a man of a certain age,
still slim, hair determinedly dark
but having some time ago switched to khakis
striding Eastern Parkway Plaza,
professionally proud,
a bit self-absorbed, but unmenacing,
fireworks past,
backdropped by friezes of the Brooklyn Museum,
its reassuringly old-fashioned pantheon
despite the heat, still reassuring,
and wearing a T-shirt a lighter shade of red than blood
blazoned with a baby, white but black-outlined,
palisaded with hatch-marks, black, indicating radiance,
or kineticism or both--which?
that would be me, for you see
I have just been to the Keith Haring show--
the Keith Haring show which closes soon.

What did I think of it?
You will want to know the opinion of a man
who wears exactly that shade of red.
'it brought back the era well--
 the era to end all eras,
but, now, a little Keith Haring goes a surprisingly long way.'

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