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6 may 2012

6 may 2012, sunday ( obsession )

i was hurt
i was depressed
i felt alone
it just started out as simple cuts..
but then it became an obsession that i couldnt control..
i tried to stop,i couldnt
i always came crawling back to the razor..
the cuts got bigger..and so did the pain..
they turned into big long gashes across my arm..
once the scars started to fade away
all i could think about was to feel the
blood dripping from my arm again..

i dont cut anymore..but sometimes i
look at a knife and imangine it
slashing into my arm once more..

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Ye Caterpillar,  

Take good care of yourself. Life can be very hard, but hey - there is also beauty and magic! All the World is your Family, we are never truly alone.

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