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8 may 2020

remembering the missing & missing the remembered

and then there were five
and a half

those were
the days when life
was now and tomorrow
had nothing to do with the past
we were

we thought
forever the
gang of eight and a half
Jess and Jun Ray and Roy Cris and

and Edgar with
Bobby the great one half
we all had high hopes for life was
so good

was first to go
with a burst vessel in
his brain while asleep leaving just

and a
half of the gang
next went Roy felled slowly
by a virus he denied he
had to

end followed now
by Edgar the kind who
was taken by Azrael the
crowned one

too soon
too soon they have
left and gone leaving five
and a half of us to wonder
who’s next//

wednesday 6 may 2020

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