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11 august 2018

Elijah's Lament

hearth cake and water
by ahab
and jezebel prophet
elijah ended up in the
hungry tired and
so unlike job he asked
his lord to end it all under
the broom
tree with
a noosed rope but
gabe the angel smacked him with its
wing and
said you
are a man not
a mayfly elijah
you need to climb horeb so eat
and drink
he complained what
am i a horse that drinks
water i prefer ale or wine
so gabe
smacked him
again and he
ate the hearth cakes drank the
water and slept under the shrub
gabe smacked
him a third time
with its trumpet this time
shouting wake up sluggard and go
to the
already for
the lord has things to do
other than waiting for you there
as a
bush and so
the prophet went to the
mountain because the mountain won't come to the
friday 10 august 2018

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