27 june 2012


Headed for catastrophe
Spreading the blasphemy
The lamb sleeps alone at home
The wolf is free to roam
Circling the habitat
Stalking like a vampire bat
Feasting on the blood spills
Adding to the list of kills
Screeching echoes are heard from the distance
Darkness covers existence
Lightning strikes on all sides
A deafening voice calls from on high
Bringing life to its knees
Pushing an enormous breeze
Down the backs of the infidels
Crushing the corrupted citadels
Diffusing the power
Reclaiming the tower
Defending the final hour
Injustice will cower
To the weapons
Sent from beyond the Heavens
Thirsty Devils will beg to die
Failing to reverse their lies
Falling one by one
Returning to the sun
The pleading has begun
Answering to the Holy Ghost, Father and Son
For sins committed against the light
Attempting to bury it under the night
Keeping the sheep busy with endless festivities
An unnatural death for natural abilities

Original poem by Tucker James Edward

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