27 june 2012

Poisonous Ingredients

The physical manifestation of a dream
These demons in control make it seem so real
Something to fight for but nothing to die for
Ah, the sweet game of ignorant bliss
A prophet sits in the shadows
Writing about broken promises
Promises stolen by the king of darkness
Revitalizd by the nectar of evil
Creating a bloodline that pumps hatred
Not angry enough to voice opposition
Pacified enough to remain silent
Human natures' course of action
History will forever be lied about
Taught by those who wanted it this way
The beginning ends and breeds new stories
Told in a way that makes the ending happy
As if it were done for a worthy cause
Forgetting about the hostility involved
Celebrating murder and takeover
Befriending only to betray
Steal the land for a selfish purpose
Feed it until they're done with it
Suck it dry and move on to the next culture to kill
Rinse and repeat
A mirage of victory made by their version of honesty
Sparing the details
The masses are afraid of them anyway
Crossing the street without looking both ways
It won't matter who's at fault when Death comes calling

Original poem by Tucker James Edward

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