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3 january 2012

3 january 2012, tuesday ( Poetry )

I am really gad that I got invited to join this site. I am afraid that without my invitation I might never have found this creative little spot on ciber space.
Poetry, and in rare cases art, have always been my own way of coping with my life. But all these poems have up to now been stuck in a book and vvener revealed to anyone. Somehow I knew I would never be able to look my friends in the eye if they knew where I came from. All other poem or art related sites makes you feel like you have to be briljant, and mine are just feelings written in words.
So, you will see that with all my poems I add the background. I hope that sharing my past with people will help me truely come to a point where I can move on.
So... if you want to judge my poems technicly, feel free but please remember that I am a rebelious teenager and have masterd the art of ignoring things I deem unimportant... so I will read what you say and might listen to it... but if you truely want to understand my poems and comment on them, read the background and remember that I don't exagerate, altough some poeple would to make my life that simple 

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