9 july 2012

Only to see you again

Oh lovely maiden!
My faraway, mystery land!
I've sailed the seven seas,
Fought vicious pirates,
Outran the roaring forties,
Calmed the mutiny and the sailor-men.
Survived the sunken ship,
Swum many a miles,
On to the shore and closer to you.
I then walked the sandy dunes,
Hungry and without water.
Sipped the dewdrops, and eaten,
Unknown fruits; coughed poisoned blood,
With blistered feet on rocky land,
I walked, ran and hid, from the mountain lion,
And walked again,
It was then, I saw you,
Like the fresh morning sun,
Bright but soft on my eyes,
Like the rain drops on the parched Sahara,
Or, like the sweet, cold water to a thirsty traveler.
You are my heaven on earth, my sweet home.
Come my darling dove, come,
Embrace me, kiss me,
Make me forget the pains I took,
Only to see you again.  

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