Elizabeth, 22 sierpnia 2012


I'd like to believe that it's all okay.
That with a few simple words, I took your pain away.

But deep inside, I know the truth.
And every time I look at you, I see the proof.

So when your hurting, I'll do my best.
To crush your pain, to pass the test.

But sadly I can't promise you a thing.
So trust me now, and always believe.

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Elizabeth, 21 sierpnia 2012


Trust me now, heed my advice,
And As a friend, I give you no price.

Take my hand, allow me to lead,
And to you, many ideas I will feed.

Walk with me awhile, keep faith in me,
I won't you let you down, as soon you will see.

But when I am tired, weathered, and worn,
Hold me close to you then, mend me where I've been torn.

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Elizabeth, 14 sierpnia 2012

Save Me

To the God of my life,
I pour out my heart.
God, thank you for taking
me out of the dark.
You saved me again.

I want you a part of my
Everything now.
Give me the wisdom,
So I know how.
Please save me again.

I now trust you completley,
My life in your hands.
I can do all things now,
believing you can.
Come save me again.

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Elizabeth, 9 lipca 2012

Come Back

Your not the girl you used to be,
Your not the friend I had.
Some get better over time,
You've just gotten bad.
Your not the girl you used to be,
Although I wish you were.
I wish that girl would just come back,
'Cause I'm really missing her.

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Elizabeth, 8 lipca 2012


I may not be the girl of whom you’ve always dreamed,
And perhaps you too, are not as perfect as you seem.
I still love you.

I may not be empathetic towards your pains and mistakes,
An you may try to hide it when, inside your heart aches.
I still care about you.

I may not be pretty or smart or selfless or or at all perfect,
but no matter what I am, and will always be yours.
I will still care.

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Elizabeth, 15 czerwca 2012

Don't be Alarmed

When I hug you so hard you think you will cry,
Don’t be alarmed.

When I try to talk you almost all the time,
Don’t be alarmed.

When I hid in my room and cry all night long,
Don’t be alarmed.

When I ask if I can die in your arms,
Don’t be alarmed.

When I tell you my love is more then you know,
Don’t be alarmed.

When, into love, together we fall,
Don’t be alarmed.

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Elizabeth, 10 czerwca 2012


Once upon a blurry moon,
I meet a girl by the name of June.
Frail and hungry,
she begged me for food.
This girl I meet named June.

I gave her some soup on a golden spoon,
Shew ate the soup and my beans and my prunes.
She had it all gone, just before noon.
This girl named June.

When she was full she was in a good mood,
I danced around whilst she sang a toon.
We layed in the grass, and at her I swooned.
I, and this girl named June.

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Elizabeth, 2 czerwca 2012


Run to beauty, 
Hide from pain.
Do these things,
and never gain.

Run to beauty,
But beauty wont last.
It changes with the day,
As it has in the past. 

Hide from pain,
But it's still there.
You can still feel it,
You still care.

Life is for living,
And that's what we do.
But not to the fullest,
Except for few.

So lets be those few,
Let's rock this life.
No more running to beauty,
No more hidding from strife.

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Elizabeth, 2 czerwca 2012

I'm Free

The snow falls softly,
Curling with the wind,
Sticking to my hair and coat.
But they’ll be melted soon.
They twist and turn,
Frolic and twirl,
Reminding me,
Of little girls.
I look around,
There's no one here.
I can’t help it, I join in!
I put my arms out,
flip my face towards the sky,
then I twirl and spin
Faster and faster!
There are snowflakes on my eye lashes,
nose, and I even caught several in my mouth!
Then, I see you.
I freeze.
I don’t care anymore!
I’m happy,
And I am not letting you,
Or anyone else,
Get in the way again.
I’m Free.

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Elizabeth, 2 czerwca 2012


Try to break me?
Doesn’t work.
I am stronger then I was.
Try to make me?
Doesn’t work.
I’ve chosen my own path.
I’ll love who I want,
Go where I wish,
Speak the way I like.
The society's not in charge of me now,
If it ever was.--Elizabeth
(Inspired by CROSSED) 

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