2 january 2012

1 january 2012, sunday ( who was he...a terrorist ? )

2 months ago while I was on my way back to home I‘d met a boy named
Muzammil, We were in a shared auto heading towards Delhi on National
highway No.2 at about 6.30 pm and at that time no other passenger was
there apart from the two of us. The boy is wearing ragged clothes; his
body was almost turned into half skeleton, many cut marks on his face,
some nail less fingers on his lean hands. But the most mesmerising thing
on his face was his blue eyes full of innocence and an unknown fear.

started the conversation with him in order to collect some information
about the local area; as I thought he might be a local and abruptly
stopped in between, finding him a bit disinterested in talking to me. He
was continuously and keenly watching towards those vehicles that are
passing along. Usually the distance I daily cover between my workplace
and home took around 50 min; therefore I again decided to engage with

time he looked back with a very impulsive and hesitant stare towards me
and said, “aap log kitne khushnaseeb hain” and turned back again to
take a plunge into his own desperate world. It was a strong hypnotism
that I felt around him, which leads me into being engaged with him again
to discern what I desired at that time from him.

stopped the auto and dropped himself somewhere at the midst of the
highway and started walking. At some distance ahead, I’ve also let
myself came out of that auto to walk and wait for him. After few minutes
I’ve managed to merge my way into that of him to continue my desperate
chat. I’ve asked him his name and this time he replied in a very
compressed and dull voice without even facing me “aaaa...Muzammil....kya
ap mujhe kuch khane ko de sakte hain”. I offered him patties from the
nearby shop and accompanied him, since I was also feeling famished from
the very moment I’ve left my workplace. “Tell me something about
yourself Muzammil?”, I resumed the chat. The very first sentence
muzammil began with was, “What was the last thing you had wished from
God for yourself?” I have no answer at that time. He than continued to
answer my question, ‘I had a very good friend of mine ‘Saqib’ maybe a
year older than you. They have abducted us when we were enjoying the
best days of our friendship. They first took us to some mosque to
divulge that concealed faith for Islam within us and torture us till our
utmost limit to churn out that undue hatred for mankind from the
deepest of our mind. I gave up but my friend ‘Saqib’ stood till the end.
They let us eat raw meat forcefully by putting hot iron rod into our
mouth, forced us to drink urine and whenever we ought to refuse, they’ll
beat us till we got faint”. He added, “They snatched our nails to give
electric shock to our fingers followed by dipping the same in brine. In
order to earn money out of the kidnapped people, they use to sell the
kidneys by brutally operating the bodies. On a journey to an unknown
faith, they teach us the chapters of mankind hatred dipping us into that
dark sea of brutal harassment that somehow acts as a catalyst for us in
that haunted journey, in order to make us reach to an anonymous
destination while travelling on a road to nowhere...
he broke up into a loud cry yet with no tears in his eyes. I left him
alone and moved on, with that isolation indeed. I was not able to sleep
properly that whole night, thinking about that guy. "Is it the
humanity that left him behind or vice versa...?" This question is still
unanswered for me after so many days of that instance, waiting it to be

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