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15 december 2011

1 january 1970, thursday ( inner beauty- im feeling inside out )



Inner Beauty

Darkened skies
 Some shadowed cast of light
Obscure and most eerie
Insects buzz a haunting tune
An air of false ambiance,
A personality sort
Illusionary calm,
The night,
 Thick with pretense.
My mind
 Almost lucid;
 Promised tranquility disappears with the moon.
Dissipation of  dream like state…
Reeks of anguish and grief
Layers of insults upon injury
The masquerade reveals a mannequin
Hidden is the soul beneath
Manipulated behaviors and modified by method
Tormented by rules of etiquette
Shaped with intricate futility
Shamed by tendencies
Handicapped with porcelain fragility,
Humbled by humility.

And hated on for Inner Beauty

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