10 july 2012

My Last Poem To You

Will you love me when I am gone?
These words repeat inside my head
Will you love me when I am gone?
Will you miss me when I'm dead?
I wish I knew the answer
To those questions, but I don't
You possibly will never care
You probably already don't.
You've been gone for so long
And not seeing you killed me inside
And now, as I write this
My heart has already died.
This is the last poem which
I will write to you
I want you to know
That I really did Love you.
But apparently it wasn't enough
To keep you by my side
Because I know deep down that
Your so called "love" for me has died
I've been hurt so many times
But this one seems like the worst
So I'll make it easy on both of us
And I'll break-up with you first
So I guess this is Goodbye.
I'm writing myself away
I wish you every happines
And hope you have a good day...

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