6 march 2012

6 march 2012, tuesday ( undescribable feeling )

this is a new feeling,
that i've never felt before,
it's warm and yet cold
soft and yet hard.
it makes my heart beat fast
and then slow
so very slow
and then this feeling
vanishes completely
as if it were never there
i do not know the name
of this vanishing feeling
but the emptiness it leaves
behind it when it's gone
is undescribable.
it makes me feel hollow
when it's not there to warm
my heart.
maybe this feeling is
a sort of elation.
like ecstasy or excitement
that only lasts for a short time
and once it leaves your system
you feel,
void of all life.
this is that feeling
and nothing is quite like it.
the excitement of a kiss
the ecstasy of a touch
it is these feelings
and nothing more...

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