27 december 2018

"Chocolate Liqueur Patch."

My April The First Fun write For 2017.


"Chocolate Liqueur Patches."
Are available as of today 01/04/2017@ Your local chemist Free if over 18 Years of age. 
These cell patches may eventually become routine and regular patches for Alcoholics.
Now "Chocolate Liqueur Patches."  are cultivated in a laboratory, researchers need to control and direct their 
growth into the desired tissue cell & have now created the "Chocolate Liqueur Patches."  for safe transfer.
Scientists have overcome this problem by inducing partial stem cell differentiation prior 
to transplanting alcoholic ones into people. 
And have limited the capacity of the cells differentiating into undesired tissue types once implanted.
Researchers have now created  "Chocolate Liqueur Patches." that can produce alcohol. 
"Chocolate Liqueur Patches." signal & operate & trigger Drunk cell differentiation in people.
Plus it's important, however, that the safety of these therapies is evaluated and that caution is 
displayed when a therapy becomes accepted for use. 
This will allow everyone to reap the full benefits of "Chocolate Liqueur Patches." therapies.
Alcohol is known to cause many health problems, but new research shows it can affect stem cells too. 
In particular, a recent study suggests alcohol harms stem cells in the developing brains of teenagers.
This study has looked at binge-drinking, where a great deal of alcohol is consumed over a short period 
of time, generally with the intention to become drunk. 
It is a problem particularly prevalent among teenagers in Britain and a number of other countries such as 
the United States. 
Alcohol kills off crucial stem cells in the brain but "Chocolate Liqueur Patches." do not.
Many government-mandated initiatives have worked to combat binge-drinking in youth,
but it remains a major public challenge.
There are already many known health consequences as well as an increased risk of alcoholism 
when a person is an adult. 
Reducing everyone's binge drinking around the world with "Chocolate Liqueur Patches."
With a growing body of evidence to suggest that alcohol harms stem cells in addition to all the other
known damage, it’s more important than ever to find ways to reduce the incidence of binge drinking.
So Scientists to overcome this problem have developed the simple "Chocolate Liqueur Patches."
"That Makes You feel Drunk & Happy for a short period of time approximately 3 to 4  hours only."
Without damaging your brain cells like Alcohol does.
Anthony Fry Jersey.

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