8 july 2012

A Royal Jersey Cream Tea.

The beauty of Raleighs dreams, held in Forts and Castles.
We imagine Elizabeth Castle, during the English Civil War.
A fiery eyed horse, thunder-beating hoofs fly a causeway.
Historic revelations, of gallantry, pirates, and highwaymen.
A Piper in the Castle, Royal music carried over St aubin bay.
King Charles II's wife, Queen Braganza had a tea mania.
That locked caddie, a Portuguese Queens aromatic magic.
Vigorous vapours, tea enthusiasm, that lingers longer.
Royal traditions, carried from her homeland in Portugal.
Lords and Lady's, had rich assumptions of spiced china teas.
Charles laid the foundations, for prize foreign teadrinking.
Gentlemen joking, in the presence of refind elegant lady's.
Exquisite niceties of etiquette, for an afternoon hour of tea.
Tea gossip not allowed was secrets, health, and sad news.
The pinkie used for balance, of the tea cup in the right hand.
Fruit jam and Jersey fresh cream, set fresh hot scones in style.
Royal Jersey cream tea not complete, without luxurious cream.
The thrill of creative effort, " A Royal Jersey Cream Tea" is born.
Scones and wonders from St Quen, vraic buns from Gorey village.
A Royal Jersey Cream Tea, addiction born for Century's to come.

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