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26 june 2012

let me love you

Baby let me love you until the sun comes up 
baby let me love you 
until the world stops going round and round 
I’ll love you so good 
you’ll never think a grown ass man can love you like I do 
because I will 
rip you 
dip you 
make a Sunday up out of you 
and please believe 
I’ll lick all of my desert up off you 
I can make you feel like a queen in bed 
but wait until I show how I can make you feel like
“dam this kids a grown ass man.”
He’s tall and sexy 
shit makes your mama wishes she wasn’t 60
God gave me a powerful gift 
because now I can learn from my mistakes
Up grade my knowledge on 
how women thinks
but the way you got me looking at u 
all my love is only going to be given to

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