27 june 2012

Love is Suffering

Sorry for being selfish, 
You love me is how i wish.
I never thought that this feeling for you would come, 
Now my heart is facing this another challenge.

I dont know why i feel this way, 
Im begging you come in my heart and please stay.
I know its wrong, cause someone is onwning you, 
But what is right, is my love for you.

The man in my sight, 
is the man in my life.

Those time i confess my feelings for you, 
I feel like your proposing & im just saying ' I DO! '.
But i thought so wrong i feel like your my run-away GROOM: '(

Now my heart is breaking, 
My eyes are crying, 
My mind is aching.

Thinking how would be my tomorrow, 
After this sorrow.

I feel like no one care for me, 
I was alone crying in the sea.
When would this heart stop beating? 
When would be the end of this suffering? 

Tell me should i deserve to be happy? 
Or should i accept the fact that no one can love me, 
The way i wanted to be? 

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