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13 february 2012

The Truth is Out There

poetic comedy about masks

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Great! Really great.

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Judith Alekadala,  

hey how do i do animated video like this?

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thnx for the comments.. is where we can make these kind of videos.. Not sure if the site was intended for making poetry videos.. but that is the way I've used it..

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Ailill, really dug it man. you sound just like me in this poem. and your hitting on the theme of our time. what separates us, dehumanizes us. good stuff. would have loved to hear your voice sing this this one out. you can still use the subtitles... looking forward to more. I'm gonna read your long poems tomorrow when I got a clearer head. keep writin and keep creatin amigo. cheers, jbm

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pardon Ailill, I should not say "you sound just like me", I should have said I write just like this too, writing in a similar style. genius thinks alike! ya mon!

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Marcin Martinez Rogalski,  

Sorry for thumb down...just mistake... but I added this to my favourites. Good job with Go!Animate. Even easy tool to create video can be powerfull tool to create art ;-)

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