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17 december 2011

Ever After

Even now when I wonder
If you are a dream
I touch your face and realise it's all so real

You're perfect, nice, sweet, caring
My hero, my fall back guy
You make me realise
The sun does shine
And now it's a spotlight for us.

Now you tell me you have to leave
The war calls your duty, my brave soldier
You promise me you'll come back
Happy and willing to see me again

Two months after departure
The papers report your death
Devastating, Heart Breaking
What happened to our happily ever after?

Even now, Ever after
You're still in my life
Living, alive, you have and always will be

This ever after isn't what we expected
But even now, ever after you will always be my hero.

 *I wrote this when I was much younger. I'll like to know what you think about it.

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