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Goals of Life

Goals of Life

BASIC LIFE ATTRIBUTES Four purusharthas or goals of the life be, So very crystal clear in life undisputedly; 1 Artha getting useful wealth and prosperity, Finding the meaning for living herein truly; 2 Kama fulfi lling desires, acting repeatedly, It the physical, material desire fulfi llment be; 14 Dharma – the foundation of all human goals be, Refers to obligations, conduct, moral duties; 25 Moksha – the liberation from the web of maya be, Freedom from the cycles of birth and death clearly; 33 As all the rivers must lead to the sea eventually, All spiritual paths leading to the same goal fi nally; 43 And all of the variety of life are created certainly, By combination of the three Gunas undisputedly. 44 That the backdrop for the Bhagwat Gita surely be, All three gunas so held to delude the World clearly: 75 World deluded by Three Gunas does not know Me: Who beyond these Gunas, imperishable does be. 76 If Brahman an infi nite ocean, then Atma a wave within be, Ocean not different from its waves, the waves as ocean be; They are but one and the same very similar in actuality, So Brahman and Atma are one and the same in reality.

ISBN: ISBN-13: 9781482818604

publisher: Partridge Publishing (Authorsolutions)

year: 2014

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