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11 december 2011

Love Hurts

Laying in bed,
Waiting for his call.
How pathetic is that?
I'm ready to fall.
What can you do
When you have no heart?
When someone broke it in half
And ripped it apart.
Hopefully, someone will come along
Who can help me back on my feet,
And put my heart back together
So I can again feel it beat.
I can't forget what he did,
Though I try all the time.
My stomach starts to churn,
As my phone chimes.
I feel pretty good
When I turn off my phone.
At least I know,
That I'm not all alone.
I have my friends to help.
They're always there for me.
They're not an illusion,
And they can help me see;
Love hurts,
But that's no surprise.
Love hurts, but sometimes,
It's worth all the lies.

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