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11 december 2011

I'll Wait For You

I'm looking for love.
Can you help me out?
You're the one for me.
I have not a doubt.
You never leave my mind;
I hope you feel the same.
You're really sweet and kind,
But your heart is never tame.
You try to help everyone
But you always leave time for me.
Too bad we're just friends;
I sometimes feel like crying.
I know there's someone better for you
But I can't help being selfish.
I guess I'm just like that,
But I feel like my heart needs stitched.
I'll wait for you,
No matter how long it takes.
I'll just wait for you,
Until your love awakes.

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Hey, I thought your poem was really goood! I would maybe suggest making the poem flow better, try not forcing the rhyming scheme, it takes away from your whole project. Overall I really enjoyed it. 3/5

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