Jeremy Hunter
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11 december 2011

Sonnet I

The front door glows with incandescent tunes, 
I watch from afar the hut burns to coal
and walk down the beach over ev'ning dunes,
I've cleared the past but I keep what I stole.
Though the rose faded in the vase last year,
Your smile never will, it keeps me steady
Lean close, hold my hand and i'll hold you dear,
I won't move on from you till I'm ready.
The heart on a chain, something you kept close,
You found it someplace, said it needs a home
Wore it when you played songs that comatose,
I think I still see you in the sea foam.
I wrote this for you but you won't read it,
So it's at your shrine where candles are lit.

(A sonnet for the missed) 

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