10 december 2011

I Smile.

An inward breath, sharp, but not distressed as flesh is kissed and stroked, caressed.
My finger tips press like dewdrops rest on gossamer strands of spiders web.
Butterfly kisses dance inside as electricity sparks from eye to eye as I, touch and tease,
kiss and squeeze, your eyes say yes and your smile says please.
two peaks, guardian sentinels dormant, but for one touch as light as gossling down upon them,
standing to attention, their steadfast reserve belays the passion building deep

Your legs like slender willow, the lamplight glow upon them shows, skin as smooth as silk,
with elegant feet and dainty toes below and rising further up I go, sliding lips and tounge
i feel my way inside you now, your breath intakes again, and again, and again...
Faster now your breath becomes, and little moans begin to run, building steam inside you as
you press my lips upon you.

As the butterflies turn into shining birds, sunlight bursts from golden beak as a
million aurora feathers burn, ecstacy inside your soul, your breath becomes a primal call
of pleasure, as you shake and quiver, upon my lips, I smile.

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