10 december 2011

Earth Meets Fire.

As I lay down, resting head on perfumed earth,
caring fingers caress my ears and kiss my neck,
whispering a thousand words.

As blade of grass dances to wind's serenade,
with leaf and tree and rock and stream,
I listen.

Through blazing sun I used to fly, a solar wind upon my face,
catching fiery light inside and never knowing how or why,
faster than a beam of light ever guided by unseen gravity
and always reflecting, never resting,
never resting.

Untill I see you, sparkling blue and green, serene...
your song atracts my soul like golden flower and buzzing bee.
I see... the roots of trees dig deep, steadfast resolve and
evergreen they sway and swing as you breath.

As I lay down, resting head on perfumed earth,
I listen and learn and love.

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