6 december 2011


I've strayed through the passages of life and love
Felt its hot and cold winds blow
It's awesome fangs not a bit suspending
And my heart'll shrink as if to extinct

Twice I'd blurred the chalk on my slate
To assume another episode, perhaps to start
Each time would lapse into fantasies that dwell in sleep
Only to awake and find me cleaning up again

You showed up at such a time in my little life
And have changed my world in ways words can't trace
So, I'll wish my time might reel back to its birth
Where I can start my life over again... but this time with you.

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I think i like it:)

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Jock Engelman,  

nicely well versed but i would have to say that you might need to look at your rhyming and alliteration, cause that can stregthen the meaning of your poetry by an unbelieveable amount..

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