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13 october 2013

Poetry: What is your inspirations

To everybody out there, where ever you are. If you write poetry. I want to know what is your inspiration? What thrives you to write? When you write what do you feel? What is going through your mind when you find your inspiration? Comment below I want to know what you guys think.

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Ye Caterpillar,  

For me, I can only write a poem if I feel some kind of special feeling - almost inspiration. I can't write if I don't feel moved or excited about something. To me, spiritual subjects are the most inspiring - Love, Space, Death, the old Mystery of Existence and all that kinda stuff. I don't feel inspired today, but tomorrow is another day. I s'pose you have to feel pretty strongly about something before you want to write a poem about it. When a special feeling comes along, it can shape itself up into words, you don't have to work too hard at it, just let it flow, and see if other people can see any magic in it. Also, in poetry, you don't have to use words in a normal way. You can use words in unusual, unique and undiscovered ways. A poem does not have to make sense to the logical part of the brain. It is a 'work of art' so it can express itself in its own language, and if the World does not like it, well..... perhaps the World ain't ready! (Ha ha). So for me, since you asked, a poem should not be afraid to be itself, and talk in its own way. Don't worry about it looking strange or weird - good art can be a bit weird sometimes. Be true and write what's in your Heart - don't worry about what others think. Then you find your voice.

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