17 april 2013

About Postcard Poetry

I would like to put forward the suggestion that for the benefit of any non-Polish reading people like myself and anyone who appreciates reading poetry especially that which is displayed on postcards submitted on Truml for the author's of such poetry to include the actual lines written on the postcard in a separate area below the postcard, if possible, so that whoever looks at it can use the translation service to get a better idea of what the author is saying or writing about. The same could be done for the benefit of any non-English reading people. Any feedback would be appreciated.

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Or a simple english translation on the comment will suffice.

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George Krokos,  

I agree and thanks for your input Blueskipper.

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Damian Paradoks,  

Both ideas are excellent. On certain forums I give an equivalent in French and English. It's a very good exercise that's appreciated by some readers ...

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