26 february 2013

Her Letter

I read, re-read her letter
a mere one-hundred times.
Her thoughts were pure and priceless,
in words of perfect rhyme.
I hadn't seen her smiling face,
but I will always be -
drawn, as if by magnet,
to her magnetically.
I hadn't heard her 'angel' voice
that sings as waves would flow -
yet somehow she has drawn me in
to shore where waters go.
I hadn't smelled her sweet perfume,
as garden full of flowers.
But oh, if I had breathed them in,
I'd be under her powers.
I hadn't held her fingers yet -
or hand in tender way -
or hugged her tightly when she hurt -
or kissed her tears away...
But oh, I understand her well -
and really must disclose -
that she's is kind and loving as,
a precious, perfect rose.
A rose that blooms so purely,
in rich, romantic hue.
A rose that grows securely,
in greatness through and through.
Her kindness and compassion
prove true humility -
so I'll embrace forever -
the letter she sent me.
~gander Copyright 2013

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