23 february 2013

Final Walk (Easter)

Now forty lashes - minus one
The torture, anguish has begun.
Thirty-nine lashes, horrid pain,
I can't endure - but won't complain.
A crown of thorn cuts in so deep,
Energy gone, I've got to sleep.
But on my back, a timber placed -
it weighs a ton, blood/sweat I taste.
I feel the cross beside my face.
I cannot walk a faster pace.
Skin open rips - each time I slip,
so tighter, I must keep my grip.
Each step I take is harder still
when trudging up this cruel hill.
The slivers pierce me as I trod,
both big and small - please help me God.
Please give me strength - for Heaven's sake
for every muscle in me aches.
With that huge cross along my back,
my knees give out.  My legs go slack.
Exhausted, I can hardly crawl
and then I drop it as I fall.
My shoulder hurts, the pain intense -
then they all stare in awed suspense.
I can't hold it any more
yet I know next, what is in store.
My lungs hurt so, I've lost my breath -
but give me strength before my death.
At the top, I finally rest -
but now this cross, my final test.
I love you all - am faithful still,
right here on top of Calvary's hill.
Yet all the pain endured thus far
cannot erase the sins that are.
Sacrifice, death - wages of sin -
now demand pain on the cross begin.
©2009 louis gander - ALL RIGHTS RESERVED

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