15 february 2013

Valentine's Day

"Love our dear Valentine" we always say,
whenever we think of Valentine's Day.

Big hugs and kisses and also some fun -
is love's expression for our 'special one'.
Flowers, dinner, and maybe some wine -
as we treat our 'sweethearts' especially fine.

But oh, long ago on one fateful day -
when we threw our greatest of loves away -

Hatred surpassed all the love we had won -
as hugs were not there when the nailing begun.
Thorns replaced flowers, and then sour wine -
and that's how we treated our Lord divine."

Love our dear Valentine" we always say,
but how do we love the Savior today?

©2010 louis gander - ALL RIGHTS RESERVED


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louis gander,  

My computer is being fixed and for some reason I could not vote or leave comments on a poem earlier today with this replacement. I enjoy reading poetry by others and if I said anything to offend anyone I deeply apologize. I hold great respect for all who write honestly from their heart. Have a great weekend all... :) ~louis

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Alicja Kuberska,  

I hope you will join us soon:)))

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Kahlia Mazacalletti,  

I also hope that your computer will be fixed as well........kahlia

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louis gander,  

Thank you both. Between the library and a 'loaner' I am getting by. My computer is actually in Wisconsin now and I'm in Florida. I hope to get it back in a week or two. Thanks again! ~louis

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Yehoshua ben Peleh Shim'onai,  

"[Jesus said] Greater love hath no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends. Ye are my friends, if ye do whatsoever I command you." - John15:13-14. God bless you, brother :D

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Even we have been celebrating such a day since , I do not know, may be 20 years, I am still forgeting about heh:) regards from Jaro:)

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That was a nice transition from Present to Past!!!! What a way to Rock the cradle of Morality of the Present Time World!!!! Hats off to you Brother.... I hope your message reaches the ear which are sealed tight...

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louis gander,  

Thank you Yehoshua, Jaro and Toufiq for your kind comments. John 15:13-14 is a beautiful scripture. I did not know that Valentine's Day was a holiday in any other country. It's nice to know Jaro. And Toufiq, thank you again as well. Often in my poetry, I try to draw a contrast between our earthly experiences in comparison to our spiritual ones... in this case, how we treat our friends and how we live for Jesus. Thank you all again.

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Karen Degnan Foiles,  

Oh nice... Love of your life, and Loss of love and love for God... Very nice.

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