5 november 2011

Translations Saught

Anyone wishing to translate any of my poetry into Polish or other languages, message me and we can arrange same.

- Translation is copyright of translator as long as Im credited with origional of work, with proper title of piece etc.

- You are free to include in books, anthologies, websites etc., as long as same is adhered to, and the web address www.writingsinrhyme.com is published there when at all possible.

- No payment for translations is offered, and no royalties expected.

- English origionals can be published alongside translation when properly credited to me.

- I can publish your translation on my websites, in my books, properly credited to you.

- Translations subject to editing and or correction when published by me on my sites or in my books.

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You are wellcome at http://lyricstranslate.com/ru/translator/victors Though there are songs only in all language combinations. My own translations are for free use.

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