8 july 2012

Mistaken Idenitity

I was traveling along my life line,
when mine line intersected with a peculiar guy,
In a time and a place,that was not unfamiliar to me.

He stared at his reflection in a mirror, and chanted,

This was a peculiar sight,
so I could't help but pry,   "Are you all right ?"
He replied, "My life line has taken some sever curves and Steep dives !"

I felt compassion for this peculiar Guy's plight , and had to pry,
 "Have you considered inviting God to help you straighten out the sever curves and steep dives in your life ?"

He replied, " Yes,every time I look into a mirror."

"Me,My And I."

Written by Stephen J. Vattimo  April 19 ,2011

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