26 june 2012

The Giant Super Market

Religion is like a giant super market
   It's shelves are stocked with every brand of god
   that the mind can think up

   You will hear most people say
   It's foolish to put your faith in only one brand

   They will advise you not to waste your time
   studying the labels on the back of every god

   For there are too many of them to compare
   just choose the one that looks like it will satisfy your desires
   and relax your conscience

   For life is short

   We all must devote our time to more important things in life
   such as work and play

   Instead of getting lost at the giant super market
   In the maze of aisle that are a mile high
   and stretch for miles in length

   Today i saw an article in The Religious Consumer's Report magazine
   It read,  Shoppers who took the time to compare the labels
   and put their faith in the Jesus brand

   Were rushed through the express checkout counter
   and entered Heaven

    Shoppers who did not spend time comparing labels    
    and put their faith in other gods

    Found themselves stunned
    as they waited in very long lines to go through the check out counter
    and enter The Lake Of Fire

    Silent Songs: written by Stephen J. Vattimo
    June 17, 1996

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Tomás Ó Cárthaigh,  

I have a poem "What If God Is Islamic" which is a humersome twist on the theme... must root it out!!!

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