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25 january 2016

A question....

She craves to ask, 
though untimely and totally irrelevant; 
a question –
which only he can answer!

After all these years,
can he identify the name of passion, 
which overpowered him,
When he intervened her lonely dreams
and reigned them for a while?

Thinking back, the word love is just misleading,
Though he was an exponent of love then
Love, he proclaimed, was the thirst of the soul
and the hunger of the heart!
Without which he would perish forever!

She was swept in the tide, 
Only to see his love winging away
into the safe orbit of his family
and to the seclusion of conventions.

If without a word of adieu,
he could leave her desolate and aghast 
in the midway; 
why did he attempt to fish her mind 
and dropped it in hot sand,
nonchalant whether it plunged to death or life? - See more at:

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