Lody Heront

Lody Heront, 18 july 2017


Heaven has sent this angel down to turn my smile out of frown.
He changed the gray sky in my life turn to blue,
And lifting all my worries, too.
Bringing sunshine in the rain,
And carry away my life from every pain.
When in the dark,
This angel would help me to see.
This angel is my lovely Winky.

Dear Son,

I love you.


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Lody Heront

Lody Heront, 14 april 2015

Thank You

In my life
I have flown many times
I have fallen deeply
And sometimes I have also drowned
I have won
And I have lost
I have given
And I have taken
And we have found each other
And we have come so far
I feel so close to you
Sometimes life is hard
And most of the time I find it easy
I have cried
And I have laughed
And finally found out
What makes me more beautiful
I have drunken
and I have smoked
And I have completely used up my powers
And when I get back on my feet again
It's always life again
It's always sun again
I've often flown
I have also lied
And betrayed you and me
I have loved
And was drunken from it
I flew up to the sky
And sank to the deepest point
I let myself go
And then stand up again
And sometimes I don't feel anything
I don't even feel me
I wish for peace
And serenity
I do hurt myself sometimes
But I feel strong
Even if right now
Not standing so upright
My fear of dying
Disappears into the air
Dissolves slowly
Because life calls me

- Nena

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Lody Heront

Lody Heront, 14 april 2015

I is Me

I is me,
I'm only me,
That is all that I can be…
No more,
No less,
No second guess.
I laugh,
I cry,
I'm sad,
I'm happy…
Sometimes I'm funny,
Sometimes I'm not,
Sometimes I'm in overdrive and can not stop.
I'm a loyal and honest friend…
And I can be there until the end.
I'm a romantic and I will share it to the love of my life.
I can be sweet, I can be shy, too…
I'm not perfect, I do have a mistake…
I'm not as forgiving as I would sometimes like to be
because when I'm hurt… I hurt deeply.
My logic is my own at times misunderstood because I'm not always do a thing for my own good.

Bali, Indonesia

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Lody Heront

Lody Heront, 25 june 2014

I wish you enough

I wish you enough sun,
to keep your attitude bright.

I wish you enough rain,
to appreciate the sun more.

I wish you enough happiness,
to keep your spirit alive.

I wish you enough pain,
so that the smallest joys in life appear much bigger.

I wish you enough gain,
to satisfy your wanting.

I wish you enough loss,
to appreciate all that you possess.

I wish you enough hellos
to get you through the final good-bye.

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Lody Heront

Lody Heront, 9 march 2013


SMILE, it will never cost a dime
Then why do I have to tell you every time
Smile is a magic, brings hearts together
With package of love which stays forever

Smile is a medicine, wounds it heal
Anger and hatred no more in the deal
To see someone smile, how happy it feels
Smile imprints our hearts with its love zeal

Smile spreads love- it's a treasure
Smile- give and take without measure
It feels good to bring out a smile
Messenger of love, that's your smile.

Lody heront


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Lody Heront

Lody Heront, 9 march 2013

can i love u the way that i do?

I gave my heart to you,
I set my standard high.
I laid my eyes on you,
I laughed and cried with you.
I told you my hopes and dreams,
My loves and fears…
My tears I shed all over your shoulder.
In the end I came to see that you were the only guy I could ever trust.
When I see you,
My face lights up with aspiration and happiness.
When we talk,
I can feel the load unload with shooting words from you.
I have the feeling of something in my heart.
In my mind I said “ you don’t mean a thing”
In my words I said “ you are just a friend”
But in the deep end of my heart I think of you only…!!
When I told you my expectations of a guy,
You told me never to fall short of what I want…
But only one thing stands in the way…

p.s: can i love you the way that i do?

April 2008

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Lody Heront

Lody Heront, 8 march 2013


I need to know if you were my true friend,
Will you be by my side until the end?
Can I tell you my secret deep?
And trust them in your heart for you keep? 
We are neither of us without our flaws...
I will be your shoulder to cry on when you are blue,
will you be there for me when I need u? 
No matter how busy I am, I will make a time for you,
If you were busy, will you make a time for me, too?
I will take your hand and wipe your tears,
Will you hold me and soothe my fears?
I will give you a joy and many warm smile's, 
Can we share that even across many miles?
I won't forget what the important for you, 
Will you remember what the important for me, too? 
With you most my favorite thing I will share,
If only I knew... do you truly care? 
If you could accepted me as I am same like what I do to you, 
Then I will knew what you are a friend most true.

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