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3 july 2012

Someone Like Me

Considering all the hurt and emotional pain
There is more to life than I shall ever gain
I built a wall to keep people out of my life
To lessen the hassle, hurt, sadness and strife
Shutting off what shouldn’t exist, one time
What has no right here in my mind, anytime
Piecing together the fragments of my mind
Shuffling them to make them easy to find
Breathing deeply and sadden with deep hurt
Pushing away anyone that attempts to flirt
Reeling in agony as I try to make some sense
My heart is hurt in more ways than one today
Getting a email from someone unexpected
Not what I thought was quite simply inflicted
To be told someone wishes you didn’t exist
Have dreamt of many things, I got a big list
With thoughts sorted and perfectly captured
I see my life as I wish it could be pictured
Can’t pass on life’s brilliance to rise above
I can move through all this, my white dove
Saves me again, holds me up where I see
That not all here on this earth understand me
Short on breathe I close my eyes, its dark
With dreams shot and oh so sadly stark
I see what has happened and wish it hadn’t
Believing that just perhaps they shouldn’t
Feel what they do, write what they write
In harsh words, anger or even bitter despite
To make another feel so small and weak
As to the affect they couldn’t even speak
To fight for what is now emotional freedom
To be left shredded in soul for now some
Fresh tears shall flow to know, I am hated
For what was not my fault, complicated
All I did was to be here, I don’t show it
I hide from view what does not seem to fit
That wall is high, it shall never descend
For I am here and I will always defend
What is mine, my life, my choice to see
What they wish to do to someone like me

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