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14 may 2012

haiku tuml

H e l l o

Jest ktoś tutaj zainteresowany w haiku ?

Anybody here interested in haiku ?

Kto (który) / co robi wy lubicie żeby czytać ?
Jak / co robi wy piszecie ?
Gdzie ?
Kiedy ?
( I tak dalej )

Who / what do you like to read ?
How / what do you write ?
Where ?
When ?



stary staw frog skacze w dźwięku wody —basho

old pond frog jumps in the sound of water —"

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Magdalena Kaczmarek,  

Its hard to understand what you're saying hah. I am confused to what language should I use? When it comes to haiku its hard to find good ones, because most of what I have read are just a short poems which are further from the idea of haiku then the author imagines and intends. Then you have classics that can make you think for hours. "Plum blossoms: My spring Is an ecstacy." Apparently there is a whole philosophy behind haiku, I never got to understand that either. Interesting though.

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