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25 june 2019

"Heaven's On Earth"

My mind wanders.. with thoughts of you.. I'm so grateful for your love...

And just why on earth.. of all the hearts.. its mine you hold above,

I can't think of anything.. to deserve someone like you...

For anything, is what I'd give.. to have you love me too,

I shouldn't tell you.. how I feel.. when I look into your eyes...

Or just how high it takes me.. you chose me of all the guys,

And I won't say, how warm it feels.. to hear you say my name...

Or though we've kissed a thousand times.. its never quite the same,

Or even that my blood still boils.. long after your lingering touch...

While pretending "I don't give a dam".. when your love I need so much,

Should I hide the fact.. that just your kiss.. sets my soul on fire?

And never mention.. the ragging battle.. of my uncontrolled desire,

If I told you how I really felt.. would it change the way you feel?

Would you look at me the way you do.. and say you love me still,

Or do I let the fires burn.. and the chips fall where they may...

For "heaven's on earth".. right here.. with you.. and its where I want to stay.

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