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8 january 2016

Coffee Coloured Skies

Coffee coloured swirls in your eyes
spinning irides my morning surprise;
luscious pouting lips
taking careful sips.
Taking you into my senses
has always been a passion for me.
If only I could undress you one more time...
yet I know it will never be enough.
With a shiver of delight
you end my passion plight!
Your simple agile smile,
captures me with cunning and guile.
Your arms are a gift held forever in time.
The way you place your finger-tips
oh so gently upon the whole of me.
I so love the look in your eyes as
you slip the silk from my bronzed shoulders;
coffee silhouette framed in candlelight.
There in the soft glow of charismatic candles
sweet sighs echo of paparazzi scandals,
but in the heart of you
your aura shelters so true.
I come to you;
I walked into your arms surrendered.
No flash of cameras, no entitlements
just you, and I.
I bow my head allowing flowing blonde
tresses to be captured in your hands
as you lift my eyes to gaze into yours.
Eye to eye with only flaxen strands
to be swept away by loving hands
you are my one and only thought,
lips to lips bound by hearts is sought.
Trembling I take your hand in mine;
melded and entwined we are one.
Fevered yet tender we are surrendered
under coffee coloured skies,
alight with the whispered night,
with jewelled stars our only guide.
(C) Dale Mullock

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