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hallie, 25 june 2012

The Stranger

Blue Jays
LIke their wings their paths of life
Fall rise twist and curve.
They tell me their stories
Each memory
Perfectly cradled on the tips of their wings
Safe in their subconscious minds
Gilded wings flapping
Small feet tapping
My hands clapping
In the midst of fun laughter and tears
The black clad shadow appears
Sweeping out the sun like dust on a broom
It’s falling fast out of the deep blue sky
All the blue Jays sit and cry
In a sudden sharp breath
Momma blue jay sighs
It’s Grandma Raven and soon she’ll be safe in her haven
Grandma blue jay pulls me up to the dying black bird
We finally meet
Grandma Raven was a ghost to me
Never saw her
Just two more strangers
Unknown to the world
And to each other
Sure I’ve heard words
Words are garbage a person is priceless
Here we sit and get introduced
I never imagined I’d sit here to cry
For a stranger
I don’t understand this poor creature
And why she affects me so
In all my life I’ve never felt so low
Behind me are murmurs from voices
I can’t understand
Are clambering and shouting
LIke a marching band
Solemn words with happy intentions
They pick up a the grave mood  
Memories circle the room
The stranger is old but ageless
I now understand
Why I weep for the stranger
Grandma Raven taught me well
Time is precious but limited
Watch it slip through your fingers like a cool winter breeze
Your life could end before you sneeze
Grandma Raven this is your lesson
And now hear my confession
My teardrops linger
Just for you
I took you for granted
Then once more I chanted
Into the gray skies
Fly Grandma Raven
Be safe in your haven.

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hallie, 24 june 2012

I am

I am a cobra waiting to bite
Step in my way you're asking for a fight
All I want is to poison him to make him mine
I am a witch casting a spell
Making your life a living hell
I’ll walk him out of your door and straight into mine
This voodoo doll should work just fine
I am a fragile little soul
I just want to be loved so why
Am I left out to dry why you have an arm to cry on
Like a shard of glass I want to be apart of something
Apart of him
I am the bitter cold
I shall hold  him in my arms and never let him leave
Slowly numbing him
So he won’t care if he leaves
You behind to feel my pain
I am an insensible girl
taking a man
From a family of ghost
Who weep wallow and cry
I am a bag full of scum
Waiting for an apology?
That day will never come.

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hallie, 24 june 2012


It may rain outside
But there’s always a storm inside.
The thunder is our roaring anger.
The silent lighting is our silent tears.

It may be sunny outside
But things are always sunnier inside.
We are the rays of the sun lighting up each others day.
The blue clouds are the promises we make for bigger brighter days.

There maybe an overcast just outside the door.
But inside it means another storm is coming.
The clouds carry our tears.
Until we let them pour against the voice of the thunder once more.

Without their rays of light I’d die in the cold.
Without the storms I’d forget my reason to love them so.
With both the storms and the light
I’ll still love them.
No matter what the weather.

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hallie, 24 june 2012

The Hunter and the Blue Jay

His words were his weapons
To capture me
The imperfect Blue Jay
His words
Shot me down like arrows
And set my soul on fire

Flapping my wings helplessly
Through the dead air
Falling to the unforgiving dirt

I lay there in the cold dirt
Now my prison
My heart bleeding

He twists his arrow of words into my heart
To make sure I’ve died
I peer up at him
He’s a sad boy  
With a mouth But no eyes

He says he hates Blue Jays with gilded wings
He may have words
But I have strength  

The fire continues to burn within me
Pain has melted
And anger is born
I gain my strength to fly up to him
I claw at his lips
Until they bleed
Oh how the tables have turned
Now who's the prey
It’s been him all along

The one who throws arrows
At imperfect creatures
Is the weakest one of all.

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