13 june 2013

13 june 2013, thursday ( Fatigued )

The end of school is in sight. I only have 20 exams. And i can learn it in 2 hours. 

Most of the time i'm bored to death.

I love to sleep and i can sleep all day but i'm so tired.

I can't sleep at night.

I'm always up listening to music or watching a series.

I don't know why?

I don't feel like doing anything except kickboxing.

I guess i just really need vacation, i'm so tired of school and all the crap they give.

A few days ago, i was on my bike. I was on my way home when i finished my training. There they were, my neighbourhood kids. Very rude and they never say anything. My sisters once found something on the street. It belonged to one of them. My sister gave it back to him and he just took it. He didn't even say "thank you."

I received a phonecall while cycling, it was a friend of mine asking about how i was going to spend my evening. Those annoying neighbourhood kids were also by bike and were cycling in the opposite direction, they were going to the park to play soccer. They saw me calling and one of them started saying rude things to me for no reason. Next time when i see him playing football on the street, i'm going to stop and ask him what his problem is. I'm done being pushed around by macho-trippy faggots.

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