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10 july 2012

Death of an Activist

Various activists try to expose nefarious activities carried out by the mafias throughout the world at great risk. India is no exception. Since last one year number of such activist lost their lives in India.

Harbinger of pain, anguish, frustration and agony
not limited to mortals only
footprints to be found everywhere
in the guise of
corruption, crime, scams and adulteration
tentacles are spread in the society.
Except cleansing of conscience
 no cure in sight
some take the fight
against the might
one who dares to bare
death stalks everywhere
ultimately cancer wins
time and again
poor one  transforming into flowered frame
 rich tributes become a front page game
soon to be in oblivion
situation remaining the same
till another one dares
Alas! None cares.
copyright reserved by Tribhawan Kaul

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