17 january 2018

A Dog-s Tooth Emits Light


A Dog-s Tooth Emits Light

Tibetan Proverb: Where there is veneration even the tooth of a dog can emit light - The Caterpillar 106 - A Collage Newspaper - Normally available at http://yecaterpillar.blogspot.co.uk/ But due to technical reasons The Caterpillar is temporarily being published at https://savetheholyheadland.blogspot.co.uk/p/the-caterpillar-cashe.html Read The Caterpillar - A Local Paper For The Milky Way - Published in Cornwall by The Invertebrate Press - FREE

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alt art,  

zawieszeni wokół mają skłonność do bujania; próbują zaistnieć w przestrzeniach stadnych; zataczam, ale to się nie przekłada..

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